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London Marathon – Week 4 of 160

Posted by jodi in Uncategorized (Monday January 17, 2005 at 10:36 am)

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, everyone! Fortunately, today is a student holiday, and as I lay in bed this morning, I was thinking about Dr. King’s messages about service.

I hold a charity spot in the London Marathon 2005, granted to me by the Shaw Trust. This is an organization that trains people with disabilities, assisting them in developing skills useful for getting a job and leading more meaningful and self-reliant lives. I love the idea behind this charity. After declining motivation, I decided to start my MLK, Jr Day by getting out of bed and training for this race.

I don’t know if it was the holiday, the reason for the holiday, or if it was just being back in Charleston (familiar running territory), but I had a terrific run. A four mile run became a little longer than five miles, each mile run at a brisker pace than the previous one. I think I could have continued for at least another hour! However, I realized the second part of my day-of-service would consist of finishing a research paper based on work my mentor and I have done on the childhood retina disease, X-linked juvenile retinoschisis. In order to leave adequate time for this, the run was stopped after five miles.


London Marathon – Week 3 of 160

Posted by jodi in Uncategorized (Thursday January 13, 2005 at 10:55 pm)

This week has been a terrible week for marathon training. After finishing residency interviews, I have returned to real life at the hospital. As a fourth year medical student who is desperate for graduation day, I have lost my motivation for many things, and running seems to have suffered with it this week. I’m making an effort to locate running groups in order to keep the runs less lonely. It’s so difficult to complete a long run without company sometimes.

I have just stocked my fridge with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, boneless chicken, whole grain breads – and I am ready for a long run this weekend.

Bonus: Two weeks from today, I will know where I will be running for the next four years: either Seattle, New York, or New Orleans.

Road to London – Week 2 of 160

Posted by jodi in Uncategorized (Tuesday January 4, 2005 at 3:33 pm)

Goal: Still to finish the London Marathon in less than 4 hours

Countdown: 103 days

It is SEVENTY-THREE DEGREES today in Charlotte, NC. I just enjoyed a five mile run in weather that feels like April 10th rather than January 4th. I’ll consider it a gift and not question it, but it is definitely refreshing!

Running in Charlotte differs tremendously from running in Charleston. For starters, it is usually cooler in Charlotte, although at the moment the temperature and humidity levels are roughly equivalent in both locations. Perhaps the greatest difference for me – the hills! That is to say – Charleston has none. Charlotte has plenty. During my previous post when I thought I was experiencing breathing difficulties, I now realize – it was the result of my body having little exposure to running uphill. Today was still very tough, but more bearable once I understood what was happening and adjusted my pace accordingly.

I have also decided to incorporate some speed work into training for this marathon. I know very little about this, but have read Hal Higdon’s Marathon book, which includes a large speed section. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be appreciative.

It’s a new year, the weather is nice, and we’re still alive and healthy – so get out there and run! 🙂