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Posted by jodi in Uncategorized (Thursday October 20, 2005 at 10:25 am)

During my month-long neuroradiology rotation (with the built-in week of vacation) I had gotten into a great new running routine. I was pleased with my time at the Salmon Days 10k, and my regular runs were becoming brisker by the day. Heck, I had even engaged in intervals (TWICE!).

Then – I went back to real work. That is, I am currently the “float” resident, and for the VA Medical Center, that means I am here Monday through Friday from 11AM until 11PM. This is not great for running, for while I may have time in the mornings, I am usually too exhausted from the previous busy night to get up early and fit a run in before my next 12-hour shift (which will last until 11PM). Fortunately, Evan and I have registered to run the Pumpkin Push 5k this weekend, so that gives me incentive to run on Saturday morning. I am also planning a long run on Sunday (8 miles) at a fun pace. Then, my last two “float” shifts fall on Monday and Tuesday before I return to the usual wards schedule – working six days a week, fairly regular hours, and on call overnight every fourth night. It’s still rough, but it will leave time for running in the afternoons at least four days a week.

So for this week – I ran Monday morning, but have not run since. I will run Saturday and Sunday, so that’s three days of running during the week (my running weeks start on Mondays). It could be worse. Still, I am eager not to lose what it took a month to regain. I feel great physically and want to sustain that feeling of fitness.

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