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Spam has increased my visibility0

Posted by jodi in Uncategorized (Friday December 30, 2005 at 8:05 am)

Wow, so I just logged in to the blog, and noticed that my most recent post had 63 feedback responses, all of which were complete spam. What I couldn’t help but notice, though, was in my stats – the number of web views was WAY higher than I typically receive. Perhaps it is the number of people looking for free xanax or those unfortunate souls with genital herpes in search of valtrex – or whatever else people are trying to sell through comments on my web log. Very interesting…in any case, I took the liberty of deleting these messages in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the blog (web views aside).

Evan and I have been doing more snow skiing lately. It’s great exercise, and it is SUPPOSED to be cold while participating in the sport. I can really feel the strain in my gastrocnemius muscles the day following a trip to the slopes. Between call schedules and the weather I have not felt up to running lately, but my friend and running pal, Daniel, called yesterday, and we are to go running on Tuesday, January 3rd. I hope I am in good enough shape to keep up with him!

Finally, Evan got this great new lens for his camera and captured some gorgeous photographs of Seattle’s beautiful landscapes. In particular, I was awed by his most recent images of Mount Rainier. We are continuing to create stationery from his pictures – you may check them out (here is my own bit of advertising) at .We are eagerly awaiting the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in the spring for further stationery inspiration (and a good time). 😀

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