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2005 National Marathon Stats0

Posted by jodi in General Marathon Info (Tuesday January 31, 2006 at 7:59 am)

My fellow runner, Nikki, passed along the following from yesterday – a 2005 statistical recap. I found this table, which details the number of marathon finishers over this decade to date, to be interesting:

  2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Total Finishers 299,000 295,000 324,000 334,000 362,000 382,000
Percent Male 62.5% 62.1% 61.5% 60.9% 60.5% 60.0%
Percent Female 37.5% 37.9% 38.5% 39.1% 39.5% 40.0%

It seems that finishing a marathon is on many “to do” lists these days. Marathons used to be for running enthusiasts, but now, I am pleased to see, more people use the marathon as that ultimate fitness goal. It is the driving force that propels people through various obstacles in their lives – the struggle for weight loss, the death of a loved one (Team in Training comes to mind here), or just to feel that sense of accomplishment. Perhaps the can-do attitude is more contagious. In any case, I’m all for anything that motivates people to engage in activities that reduce the incidence of diabetes, hypertension, and/or hyperlipidemia.

Evan and I went night skiing last week, and again skiied most of the day this past Sunday. He is becoming quite the athlete – I think he has found his niche! Scott and Arika accompanied us once again and can attest to the fact that it was quite a blizzard at Summit West. At one point, Evan and I were on a chair lift that stopped for about 3-4 minutes, and being suspended in midair with harsh wind pelting snow in my face was not the most pleasant feeling. Regardless, I slept very well that night.

A bit of cross-training…0

Posted by jodi in Cross Training (Monday January 23, 2006 at 8:34 pm)

Evan and I exercised together not once, but TWICE, this past weekend. We spent the entire day on Saturday at Summit West, skiing from about 10AM until nearly 5 in the evening. It was an excellent time – so invigorating and refreshing. This is the first intense workout I have gotten from skiing. We challenged ourselves with more intermediate trails containing steeper slopes, and rather than sticking to only safe wide-turns, we made multiple attempts (some of which were quite successful!) at parallel skiing. With parallel skiing came much faster speeds, which meant greater muscle strength was required to maintain form and control. I was really feeling it in my quads. The day was gorgeous too!

On Sunday we got up early and walked the trail around Green Lake, finding the house we want to buy someday, if only it would go on the market… Again, a gorgeous day, which ended in a victory for the Seattle Seahawks – on our way to the Super Bowl!

This evening I engaged in a three-mile treadmill run along with some crunches and weight training. It feels wonderful to feel fit this week.

A Run Around Green Lake0

Posted by jodi in Random Runs (Sunday January 8, 2006 at 7:23 pm)

Evan and I went for a gentle jog around Green Lake yesterday. The weather was splendid – it was around 50 degrees and overcast (although the morning had been quite sunny). There were gazillions (okay, more like several hundred, but still amazing!) of people out running, walking, pushing strollers, riding bicycles, walking dogs, roller blading – one would have thought by the numbers enjoying the day that it was June 10th rather than January 7th. The best part of the run was having Evan all to myself – it’s always so fulfilling to have relaxed conversations with him without having to rush off to work.

At the conclusion of our exercise episode, it began to rain. Perfect timing! Later, the day grew very cold (Seattle cold – 30s) with chilling winds and heavy rain. I was so happy to have seized the good weather while it was around.

We have been on the lookout for local races, but they seem to have come to a halt during the winter. Nevertheless, we will return to our 5ks in the spring, when, like the flowers, an abundance of them will burst forth (how cheesy!). 🙂