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Near-Manic about Running0

Posted by jodi in Ramblings on Running (Saturday February 25, 2006 at 4:20 pm)

Evan will vouch for the fact that I almost become manic about running. I will go for months, lacking enthusiasm and unmotivated, and then – BAM! Some event comes along, like The Olympics (not that I expect to be there, it’s just that The Olympics have rekindled my running passion this particular time), and I can think of little else aside from becoming extremely physically fit. I seem to operate at two extremes – either I’m not motivated, or I desperately want to be the best runner I can be. It’s quite bizarre.

 So one of my frustrations during my current running craze is that, while making a huge effort to run outside more (for some of those challenging Seattle hills), I never seem to know how far I have run. I would love to be able to map my runs such that I know my distance, but in order to do this (via Mapquest or my Saturn’s odometer) I must stick to streets. I much prefer running through Seattle’s gorgeous parks.

Evan and I saw one of these last weekend at REI. It’s the Garmin Forerunner 301, a GPS device that tracks distance during sporting activities like running and cycling. It automatically records mile splits when these distances are achieved so one doesn’t have to worry about forgetting to hit a button. It also includes the other typical features like heart rate monitoring and calculating calories burned during workouts. I think that if I am really REALLY nice to Evan he might bestow upon me an “I love you” present. 😀

A morning at Seward Park0

Posted by jodi in Random Runs (Wednesday February 15, 2006 at 2:15 pm)

Yesterday, I accomplished what few can during the intern year of residence – I “won the game,” so to speak. For those unfamiliar with residency terms, to “win the game” means one has discharged all of the patients on his/her census. On February 13th, I went into my call day with one patient, admitted one overnight, and the following day one transferred to another service while the other was discharged. It is often tradition to have a day off after this occurs, and my team insisted that I follow the tradition. Therefore, I have enjoyed an extra day off today – and conditions have been ideal. Seattle is experiencing particularly sunny weather at the moment – a cold front came through the week, so it’s chilly, but MAN IS IT SUNNY. 😀

I went to Seward Park this morning, where Evan and I ran the Pumpkin Push back in October. It was refreshing to jog the loop and to take in gorgeous views of Lake Washington, Mount Rainier, Cascades, Olympics – a little of everything that makes Seattle beautiful. As I ran, I kept thinking about how I couldn’t imagine finding an American city more suitable for my needs. The markets are full of fresh tulips, seafood, berries, and spices. The panoramic scenery is beyond compare. The skyline is tough to beat. Yesterday I had orange chicken prepared in a Vietnamise-style at a restaurant three blocks from home, but was able to run next door hours later to grab a sandwich for dinner. The buses take me everywhere I need to go locally. And then – there is the extensive running and cycling community, with trails and parks available at every turn. This is a place to be for any aspiring runner. 😀