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Portland Marathon training – Week 23

Posted by jodi in Portland Marathon Training 2006 (Tuesday April 25, 2006 at 6:50 pm)

First things first – my wonderful, loving spouse bestowed upon me last week my very own Garmin Forerunner 305, and I am having a blast with it. Of course, my favorite thing about it is its GPS feature, so I can run my favorite courses through parks, on sidewalks, over bridges, and whatnot and it keeps up with my mileage the entire route. As I’m running it calculates my pace, and I can even set it to record my mileage splits. I have not used this particular feature yet, but once a course has been run, you can then run against your “virual partner” – yourself – the next time around to measure your improvement. I have elated to own one of these and to integrate it into my training.

My first week of marathon training went very well.

  • Monday, 4/17 – 40 minute Foundation Run + 4×30 second strides; I then followed the progress of several Boston Marathon participants online, which fired me up about qualifying someday.
  • Tuesday, 4/18 – Core Strength Training – There are certain yoga poses I am unable to get into on my own yet for core strengthening, I quickly found, but I could definitely feel the workout I was getting through crunches, stretches, weights, and plank-style pushups. My trapezius muscles were loving the attention they received the following day!
  • Wednesday, 4/19 – Off (Post-call day, ie – I had been up all night at the hospital and used the post-call day for rest)
  • Thursday, 4/20 – 35 minute Foundation Run + 4×30 second strides; actual time: 35:36, 4.0 miles = 8:54/mile pace
  • Friday, 4/21 – 30 minute Alternative Cardio Elliptical Training; actual time: 30:00, 4.53 miles = 6:37/mile pace (too bad I can’t actually run that fast!)
  • Saturday, 4/22 – 1 hour Long Run; actual time: 1:00:09, 6.83 miles = 8:48/mile pace, ran along Lake Washington for this one. I also had my Garmin Forerunner at this point, which informed me following my workout: Peak HR 174, Avg HR 156, Calories burned 1108, Total Ascent 978 ft (with approximately the same descent). Fun workout!
  • Sunday, 4/23 – Core Strength Training

 I’m not sure what my total mileage was for this week, but now that I have my Forerunner I will be able to post that too. By the way, my posts about my training will not always be this verbose, but I just felt like gushing today because I’m excited to be running consistently. 

Here’s what’s in store for Week 2 of 24:

  • Monday, 4/24 – Off (another post-call day)
  • Tuesday, 4/25 – 40 minute Foundation Run + 6×30 second strides
  • Wednesday, 4/26 – Core Strength Training
  • Thursday, 4/27 – 30 minute Alternative Cardio Elliptical Training
  • Friday, 4/28 – 40 minute Foundation Run + 6×30 second strides
  • Saturday, 4/29 – 35 minute Foundation Run
  • Sunday, 4/30 – 1 hour 5 minute Long Run

I will close with the comment that I ran today in a sleeveless Coolmax top and shorts – and was sweating comfortably the entire time. It is definitely late spring! I’m loving not having to bundle up each time I run outside.

Portland Marathon training – Week 13

Posted by jodi in Portland Marathon Training 2006 (Tuesday April 18, 2006 at 8:19 am)

I discovered yesterday that I will not have my work schedule for July 1st through the end of the year until JUNE, which makes it frustrating in trying to decide whether to run the Portland Marathon on October 1st. So I have decided to go for it! If I am on call that night, then I will beg people to switch call nights with me. If nothing can be done, I will beg the Department of Neurology to facilitate the switch. If still nothing can be done, I will find another marathon around that same time period. In any case, a marathon is in my future this fall.

As some of you may recall, I was beginning to train for the London Marathon over a year ago, packed on too much mileage too quickly, and found myself with an exertional compartment syndrome. As a result, I plan to run over specified time periods rather than focusing too much on mileage, and I intend to incorporate cross-training into my regimen. gives quite a few pointers and sample training schedules for including cross-training and gradually bumping up mileage over a longer period than the more typical 16 weeks (my schedule extends over a 24 week period). Finally, I want to be sure to get more speed workouts in than I have done in the past – strides, hill sprints, track intervals, and the like.

This week’s schedule goes like this:

  • Monday, 4/17 – 40 minute run with 4×30 second strides (see yesterday’s entry)
  • Tuesday, 4/18 – Core Strength training (spent 45 minutes this morning on this)
  • Wednesday, 4/19 – off
  • Thursday, 4/20 – 35 minute run with 4×30 second strides
  • Friday, 4/21 – alternative cardio (elliptical training) – 30 minutes
  • Saturday, 4/22 – long run (1 hour)
  • Sunday, 4/23 – Core strength training

I’m off to another 30 hour shift (it’s that time of the week again), but only after having enjoyed a good session with weights, crunches, and some yoga thrown in. Feeling pretty good today though!

Boston Marathon Day!0

Posted by jodi in Ramblings on Running,Random Runs (Monday April 17, 2006 at 9:24 am)

While I may not be running the race, I am still feeling pretty psyched about the Boston Marathon today. I’m psyched about running in general. I have a 24-week cross-training schedule in place to prepare for the Portland Marathon, and while I still have not committed to participating in the race, today would be the day to start training. So I’ve decided to go for it – and if my work schedule for next year indicates that I cannot run the race, I will continue on a modified schedule for a different race. Either way I think a marathon may be in my future in the next six months.

So I began the day with my first official training run – a 40 minute foundation run with 4x30second strides built in. There is something about breaking into a sprint halfway through a distance run that is quite invigorating! As I have mentioned before, Evan and I live in a condo on a hill, so it makes for interesting and challenging running in that the entire way BACK from the run is uphill. Good training, though. 🙂

Now I am back at home, tracking the progress of various online running compadres who are running the Boston Marathon today. Maybe I can join them next year – it’s a far-fetched goal, but not impossible. I’ll use it to motivate me on days when it’s cold and rainy, or when I am tired post-call.

Here is my gripe for today, though – Evan and I have cable, which provides us with about 70 channels. Not ONE of them is covering the Boston Marathon. We have ESPN and ESPN2, and yet – rather than covering the most popular distance race in the nation, they are playing reruns from major league baseball games already played. I think, for a Monday during-the-day, their ratings would be higher with a few hours of marathon coverage, only because it is such a coveted event by hundreds of thousands of runners across the country. I’ve misjudged society before, though, and perhaps I am doing the same now.

In any case, the Boston Marathon website is providing up-to-the-minute text-based coverage of the race, so that will do for now. Enjoy the week, and happy running!

Spring Intervals – Part I2

Posted by jodi in Speed Work (Wednesday April 12, 2006 at 7:19 am)

Yesterday Daniel and I met at Green Lake for a brisk three mile run and some 400m intervals at the adjacent track at Woodland Park. I really enjoy running with other people – I have not yet connected in Seattle with other runners, which seems odd since the sport is so popular here, but nevertheless I do like the company of others when putting in a hard workout.

We ran our 3 miles at 24:23, pretty darn brisk for me. Then, we decided to start with 4x400m intervals on the track with a cool down lap in between each one. I have not yet reached a point where a 30 second to one minute cooldown leaves me with enough energy for another dash. My goal was to finish each one in less than 1:40; Daniel’s goal was 1:20. Here’s how they went:

400m – 1:28 (I was already hurting here), then 2:47 cooldown

400m – 1:38, then 2:51 cooldown

400m – 1:38, then 3:22 cooldown (getting tired)

400m – 1:36, then 5:30 cooldown (800m slowly)

It was a great workout that left me feeling exhausted and sore, telling me that I need to be in better shape and that speed work is crucial to better race performance. Plus, it gives me an excuse to hang out with one of my pals on a sunny, beautiful day!

I’m strongly considering training for the Portland Marathon on October 1st, but I don’t have my work/call schedule for next year yet. For all I know they have placed me on call for September 30th and post-call on October 1st, but if the weekend is free I might go for it. 🙂