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Stress Fracture Update3

Posted by jodi in Portland Marathon Training 2006 (Sunday July 23, 2006 at 6:17 pm)

I am completing my second week on crutches for my stress fracture, and while the first two days I thought my shoulders and underarms would carry permanent pain for eternity, I found that my upper body grew strong quickly! My arms feels more toned and my pubic ramus feels much better from not bearing weight on it. 8)

I plan to use them for a few more days and then go off of them, likely later this week. At that point I am also going to begin biking the mile and a half to work each day – nothing huge, but just a fun, environmentally-friendly way to get to work.

Speaking of environmentally-friendly ways to get to work, one of my colleagues got into a wreck when we were post-call the other day after a sleepless night on call. I used the opportunity to encourage her to ride the electric trolley bus that runs from her home on Queen Anne to Harborview, and on our next call night, she excitedly told me she had, indeed, taken the bus! One more person working against global warming.

Jodi has a stress fracture6

Posted by jodi in Injuries,Ramblings on Running (Thursday July 6, 2006 at 6:45 am)

I have never had a fracture of any sort in my entire life, but yesterday when I finally got in to see a sports medicine doctor about my groin/hip/hamstring? pain, I got the bad news. Recap: while running on the treadmill on June 8th, I was gradually hit with worsening left groin pain. A few hours later, it felt more like medial hamstring pain. Ice and heat did not help, and NSAIDs only minimally. Once the inflammation settled a bit over the next few days, it felt more like bony pain, and this time in the groin/gluteal region. I was having difficulty pinpointing exactly which muscle could be causing this, and then I became worried that there was something wrong with a bone.

Here is an image of the pubic rami with a box outlining these structures – they are the rings at the base of the pelvis.

Pubic ramus

An x-ray confirmed a stress fracture in the left pubic ramus, not the most common site for a runner (unlike the foot or tibia), but seen from time to time. So the bad news is, not only can I not run for a while, but I have to minimize weight bearing, and given its location, I cannot use the elliptical trainer nor exercise with a bicycle either. It looks like it may be time to get that pool membership…