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Another Stress Fracture Update0

Posted by jodi in Injuries,Portland Marathon Training 2006,Ramblings on Running (Wednesday September 27, 2006 at 9:21 pm)

I am appalled that I have not posted to this blog since July – the pubic ramus stress fracture has taken me out of commission, and I think my interest in running plummeted as a result. I spent much of August growing more depressed until mid-September, when Evan invited me to ride my bicycle to Ballard with him (a 19 mile roundtrip ride). It was the first real exercise I’ve had since training for the marathon last spring – and it felt terrific. I could feel my spirit rekindle just challenging my muscles and increasing my heart rate. Cardiac output is a wonderful thing.

The stress fracture is much better – I can ride my mountain bike without pain, and can even walk around in heels now without feeling it. Yesterday, as I was getting out of my car at 3:30AM after having been at the hospital during the night, I could feel a slight throbbing in that location, but it’s the first I’ve experienced in several weeks. With this in mind, Evan and I are going to attempt the Salmon Days┬áRotary Run 5k┬áin Issaquah on October 8th – going at a slow speed, walking part of the way, and just seeing how things go. I had a terrific 10k experience during this race last year and look forward to returning, albeit at a much slower pace.

As for the Portland Marathon – well, I still have vacation that would enable me to participate, but I will be a spectator for this one. Evan and I are meeting Josh in Portland on September 30 and will cheer the runners on! I’m sure we will find time for good food, maybe some wine, and a short run of our own.

I am encouraged by speaking with my current neurology attending today. He and his wife participate in triathlons (and from what I can gather, they are both quite impressive athletes). After singing her praises, he was relaying to us that she is currently injured. Later in the conversation he mentioned a past injury of hers. I suppose my feeling for the past few months was – maybe I’m prone to injury and shouldn’t be running distances. But it seems injuries are par for the course when sports are a passion.