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Portland Marathon 20061

Posted by jodi in Uncategorized (Wednesday October 11, 2006 at 10:21 pm)

Evan and I met Josh in Portland for the Portland Marathon. Despite not being able to run the race (after much disappointment – please see any prior posts for further information on the back story), we had a great time cheering for exhausted runners on a beautiful sunny day! Josh looked at me during the race and said, “This makes me want to run another marathon.” I hate to admit it, but I can completely relate to that feeling, despite having been out with my stress fracture for months now. Once marathon running/training is in your system, it’s like an addictive drug.

Here we are at the race:


Other generic race photos:



And then, of course, we had to enjoy our post-marathon meal. Twenty-six miles really works up the appetite!


Running With The Salmon – 2nd Annual (for me)0

Posted by jodi in Random Runs (Wednesday October 11, 2006 at 10:17 pm)

I went running with the salmon again this year, but this time it was an extra special experience because Evan joined me! 🙂 Plus, this year I ran the 5k instead of the 10k, which varied things up a bit.

As you know, I have been sitting out since that dreaded pubic ramus stress fracture in June, and I decided to take it easy, enjoy the day, have fun with Evan, and soak up the festivities. It felt fantastic to be running – we ran 11 minute miles (you can click here to read Evan’s post about the day, complete with our results). I was quite astonished to find that I was even sore the following day – after sitting out for so long, a low-impact, fun race left me sore from the waist down. My muscles need to wake up!

I am also inspired recently by my friend, Beth, who has recently sought out the services of a personal trainer. She is now swimming, kick boxing, and goodness knows what else! Tomorrow is the day I am signing up for my fitness center membership at the University of Washington – I would love to run once a week, swim once or twice a week, and then devote an afternoon occasionally to cycling. That is – until I can be a full-time runner again. 😉