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Posted by jodi in Uncategorized (Tuesday September 11, 2007 at 8:05 pm)

Postpartum running continues – and still proves to be much more difficult than I had originally thought, not only because the body takes a beating in pregnancy and delivery, but it takes so long to get back into shape when trying to balance the demands of an infant with the need to work out! I never pictured that staying home full-time (I’m off from work until October 1st) would mean still not having dinner prepared, and yes – only being able to squeeze exercise in two days a week. I’m feeling more hopeful this week that Gabriel (whom we’ve been calling “Little G”) and I will make it out at least three times.

My Ob/Gyn warned against rapid resumption of exercise. What I’ve discovered is – I don’t think I could overdo it if I tried at this point. I have never felt so out-of-shape in my life, even when I first started running track and cross-country as a young teen. It is wonderful to be out there again, though!

I only managed a single run from two weeks ago include:

August 28, 2007:

  • Distance: 2.0 miles
  • Time: 23:35 (11:46/mile)
  • Average Heart Rate: 144; Maximum Heart Rate: 169
  • Pushing Little G in the Bob Revolution! We ran to the Mount Baker Tunnel and back.

Then, two runs from last week:

September 4, 2007:

  • Distance: 2.25 miles
  • Time: 27:00
  • Heart Rate information unavailable
  • Was run on the treadmill.

September 7, 2007:

  • Distance: 2.50 miles
  • Time: 28:00 (11:13/mile)
  • Average Heart Rate: 144; Maximum Heart Rate: 182
  • G and I ran through Judkins Park and to the entrance to the Mount Baker Tunnel before returning home.

Then, finally, today I made it 3.1 miles, albeit slowly and carefully. It was 84 degrees outside, but G and I were determined to do it – today was the day! I was exhausted afterwards, again a reminder of how far I still have to go to return to my previous level of fitness. Nonetheless, it was a relief to finally meet this milestone.

September 11, 2007:

  • Distance: 3.1 miles
  • Time: 37:08 (11:59/mile)
  • Average Heart Rate: 144; Maximum Heart Rate: 174
  • G and I ran through Judkins Park, and this time through the Mount Baker Tunnel to enjoy a view of Lake Washington on a beautiful, clear (and hot!) day before returning home.

Finally, another picture of my new running companion. He has his track suit all geared up for his first race in October!



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