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Pubic ramus stress fracture update – nearly two years later191

Posted by jodi in Injuries (Wednesday February 27, 2008 at 11:17 pm)

In the late spring of 2006, I posted this entry to my blog after sustaining a stress fracture of my left pubic ramus in the process of marathon training. I am posting a follow-up entry now because I have been amazed at the number of emails I have received from some of you out there about this topic. I don’t mean I’ve gotten hundreds or anything, but probably about a dozen or so since I wrote about my own experience.

As you may have read in subsequent posts, I had a baby in July 2007, a little over one year after the fracture. I became pregnant about five months after the injury, and about one month after feeling that it had recovered. I had initially wondered if the pain from the fracture would return as the pregnancy progressed, but it never did. Even at the end of the third trimester, I never would have known the fracture existed – it was a non-issue.

Another question I receive with some frequency is what I did to get better. The answer: I removed myself from all exercise for three months. It was irritating, because at the time I was quite fit from training, but every time I would attempt to do anything even as low impact as using the Elliptical trainer, the pain was back within minutes. Riding a stationary bicycle doesn’t help, because it requires sitting on the affected area. I finally had to use crutches for several weeks to keep weight off of the left side because it just was not healing.

This does not seem to be as uncommon of an injury as I initially thought – now that I’m aware of it, I have met many people who have friends or acquaintances who have had the same injury. I have not yet met a man with the injury – it really seems to hit women.

I have not run a marathon since the injury, but this is more for reasons of time and motivation than anything. I think I will wait until after I am finished having children and they are all done breastfeeding before attempting another one. 🙂

I think that’s all I have to write for now about this. Please feel free to email me if you have further questions.