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And I’m back again1

Posted by jodi in Ramblings on Running (Sunday July 27, 2008 at 10:14 am)

After yet another running hiatus I have returned again. Gabriel turned one year old on July 14th! When that happened, I could not believe how quickly an entire year had passed, and along with celebrating my little guy’s first year of life and the wonderful events during it, I also faced the harsh reality that I had not been exercising regularly during that time.

During the month of April, I was working at our VA Hospital, and during that stint I worked with a neurologist who insisted on taking the stairs. <gasp> I used to be an avid supporter of stairs, but had fallen into the “elevator-takers” category over time. At the VA Hospital, there are actually two full flights of stairs between each floor, and the neurology offices are on the fifth floor, so that was quite the workout. However, my boss was motivating enough, and by the end of the month I was in better shape.

In May, I moved onto a two month rotation at Harborview Medical Center, and not only made it a point to avoid elevators, but decided to walk the 1.4 miles to work and home each day (scaling some mega-hills in the process). By the end of June, I was in better shape.

However, July brought me to Children’s Hospital, where I never needed to take an elevator (I came in on the floor where I was working most of the time), and was driving to work because there wasn’t an easily accessible way to get there by bus, plus it was too far to walk in a reasonable amount of time. By the time Gabriel’s birthday rolled around, I was already feeling out of shape again. Bummer.

Last weekend, I got myself out of bed at 6AM and ran three miles. It was rough, and I was sore, but I made it. My goal was to make it down there three times each week at first, and I actually fulfilled my goal at the end of week one. Wednesday morning’s run was easier, and Friday morning’s run was exhilarating! By the time I left for work, I was ready for anything.

So I have set a short-term goal for myself to stay motivated: the Issaquah Salmon Days Rotary Run 10k, schedule for October 5th. I’m going to see what sort of a time I can achieve after time off, having a baby, and being a resident for the past three years.

PS – By the way, thank you for all of the comments about pubic ramus stress fractures. I still continue to receive emails from people (all of them have been women, I think) with either the same injury or professionals trained in rehabilitation who are familiar with these injuries.