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Posted by jodi in Training Diary (Sunday September 7, 2008 at 12:35 pm)

I have had some great running experiences this week, the best of which was my 4.25 mile Labor Day race in Woodinville, WA. Gabriel accompanied me in the stroller. There is nothing quite like pushing a 25 pound child in a stroller with the front wheel locked, and having to generate upper body strength constantly to keep it straight or to maneuver turns. Lately when I finish running with him, my arms have received the greater workout over my lower extremities! In any case, running with Gabriel has been a great chance for further bonding with my boy. He’s delightful, cooperative, and starts babbling/singing to me about two miles into every run.

Here is the summary of my week:

  • Sunday, 8/31: ran/walked easy 3 miles (outdoors), pushing Gabriel in the stroller; 33:15 total (11:04/mile); post-call on this day, but wanted some gentle mileage
    Monday, 9/1: Super Jock N Jill Half-Marathon and 4.25 mile run (I opted for the shorter of the two choices), pushing Gabriel in the stroller: 37:03 total (8:43/mile).
         – Stats: Mile 1 – 9:21, Mile 2 – 8:15, Mile 3 – 8:41, Mile 4 – 8:51, Final 1/4 mile – 1:55; placed third in my age group out of 26; 43rd overall (women) out of 214 total
    Wednesday, 9/3: ran/walked easy 3.1 miles (outdoors) with the family (which included pushing Gabriel in the stroller), 37:22 (12:04/mile)
    Thursday, 9/4: ran 4 miles (treadmill – 5:30AM before work), 38:18 (9:35/mile)
    Saturday, 9/5: ran 5 miles (outdoors), 41:54 (8:22/mile) – this was a terrific run, run at a comfortable pace, from my home across the I-90 pedestrian bridge toward Mercer Island. Gorgeous weather, lots of fellow runners and cyclists out, and a little excitement over the thought of getting closer to that sub-50 minute 10k one month from now. 🙂
  • Total mileage for the week: 19.35 miles

I’m looking forward to another week of fitness. It’s feeling wonderful for running to be fun again. When I first started back, it felt a bit like a chore, which was not going to work for me, since there is a lot of strategy that goes into squeezing in workouts. Now that it’s feeling fun, I can get myself out of bed at 5:30AM more easily, or I can push the stroller more eagerly.

Here’s to another week!