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Seattle Rock N Roll Half-marathon – The Training Begins0

Posted by jodi in Training Diary (Saturday February 27, 2010 at 10:52 am)

I formally registered for the Seattle Rock N Roll Half-Marathon several weeks ago, knowing I needed to have a race of a significant distance on the calendar to motivate me to run at 5:30AM. A 5k or 10k was not going to be far enough, but a half-marathon is a distance great enough to take me down if I do not train adequately for it. So $91 later ($85 entry plus $6 online registration fee) I found myself ready to go.


  • Sunday, 2/21/10: 4.0 miles outside on a gorgeous Seattle day – 60 degrees and full of sunshine. Is it really February? It was also my first time running with Caroline, my beautiful baby girl, in the Bob Revolution, so we enjoyed a wonderful bonding experience as well. She thoroughly enjoyed herself!
  • Monday, 2/22/10: 3.1 miles on the treadmill, and also my first run in my new Brooks Adrenaline shoes. I really hope Brooks continues to make this shoe throughout the duration of my running existence.
  • Tuesday, 2/23/10: break, flying to San Antonio for medical conference
  • Wednesday, 2/24/10: 4.0 miles on treadmill in the fitness center at the hotel. I also found $0.03 along the way. I read an article in the December issue of Runner’s World about a guy who has found a total of >$8,500 while running over the years. Intriguing. Anyway, this was a terrific run at a moderate intensity – very invigorating.
  • Thursday, 2/25/10: 3.1 miles on treadmill in the fitness center at the hotel. Another good run. No pennies in the hallway this time. 🙂
  • Friday, 2/26/10: break, flying back to Seattle and playing with the kids
  • Saturday, 2/27/10: 5.0 miles on treadmill in fitness center back in Seattle. About 4/10 intensity.
  • Total Mileage for Week 1: 19.2 miles
  • To date, the knees are cooperating. I’m incorporating a lot of stretching before and after workouts, beginning workouts slowly and building speed as my muscles indicate they can handle it, and including some light weight training for strengthening. Here’s to hoping for no injuries and a fun race experience in June.
  • I can feel myself growing more fit again after recovering from the delivery. It’s so nice when that physique returns. Here is my newest little running partner.
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