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Seattle Rock N Roll Half-Marathon Training – Week 20

Posted by jodi in Training Diary (Sunday March 7, 2010 at 10:19 am)

This week went – not so well. I began working as a fellow in the neurological ICU, and days start between 6:30 and 7:15AM, which means in order to run, shower, and get to work (and pump, since I have a five month old daughter), the days would start much earlier than I find tolerable. I can start at 5:30, or even 5 for a longer run, but there is something psychologically disturbing when I see that it is 4-something and the day is already upon me.

Briefly, my running this week can be summarized in this manner: Sunday, February 28th – 4 miles outdoors with Caroline in the Bob Revolution stroller. It was, again, a day of perfect weather and a bonding experience with my baby. The hills still pose quite the challenge when pushing a stroller, but I think of them as good mechanisms for conditioning.

What was interesting, though, is that I walked to work every day this past week and home four of those days, totaling 14.3 miles (including up and down a significant hill on which the hospital sits). I now keep dress shoes and a pair of dress pants in my office at the hospital, and wear sweat pants with my running shoes during my trip to work and on my way home. When I ran my four miles this morning it was not difficult, though I had expected it would be after not running for a week. I think the frequent walking as a means for commuting to work has helped significantly.

Here is to hoping I can squeeze a few workouts into the upcoming week, even if it does mean crawling out of bed at four-something. 🙂

Also, I would like to publicly commend my brother, Tim, on his recent re-initiation into running. He possessed talent both as a distance runner (frequently running on the varsity cross country team as a seventh grader) and as a hurdler while in high school. He has now become motivated to return to sprinting in hopes of achieving a competitive age group time in the 400m run. We are holding one another accountable to ensure better running compliance.

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