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A Personal Best in the Seattle Rock N Roll Half-Marathon1

Posted by jodi in Races (Monday June 28, 2010 at 8:28 pm)

After a five and a half year hiatus from any sort of race with the word “marathon” in the title, I completed Seattle’s second annual Rock N Roll half-marathon this past Saturday. Overall, it was a terrific experience! The course was such an appropriate tribute to the many times I have run in Seattle during my time here; while I have never begun as far south as Tukwila, I have spent many hours along Lake Washington’s western shore near Seward Park. As I ran this stretch, I savored the water, beautiful homes, overcast sky, and realized how much I truly am going to miss Seattle once I have moved. I also must have returned high-fives from at least 100 members of a very supportive crowd!

Evan even noticed that my running experience was captured on the KIRO-7 news – I am the runner over the reporter’s right shoulder (wearing a yellow top and dark pants).


This was about 11.5 miles into the race, when some nasty acid reflux had taken hold of me. 🙁 Lesson learned: no more carbohydrate gel packets in the middle of races for me. It definitely hurt my final two miles, but I cannot complain too much – the full experience, only nine months after having a baby, was an exhilarating one!

Perhaps the best part of all was cutting nearly three and a half minutes off of my previous personal best for this distance. In 2002, while in the midst of training for Grandma’s Marathon, a friend and I ran the Charlotte South End Half-Marathon in 1:53:20. Here were the splits for the race this past weekend:

  • – 8:27, 8:02, 8:18, 7:51, 8:37, 7:34, 7:48, 8:02, 8:17, 8:30, 8:22, 8:29, 9:50 (wasn’t feeling too great during that last mile) + 0.1 miles; total – 1:49:57 (8:26/mile)
    – 5k: 25:47; 10k: 51:08
  • Now it’s time to plan for the next race to keep up the motivation. I’m feeling so much more committed to this than I have previously. I like the way I feel right now – running rocks!

One Week Until the Seattle Rock N Roll Half-Marathon0

Posted by jodi in Training Diary (Sunday June 20, 2010 at 9:29 pm)

I’m still geared up to run the Seattle Rock N Roll half this Saturday, June 26th. I’m a little nervous, as my longest training run totaled 10 miles, and it’s been about five and a half years since I’ve covered the 13.1 mile distance. It feels right, though – I’m in as good of shape as can be expected while finishing my residency/fellowship training with two little kids, and it seems an appropriate way to bid farewell to Seattle after having spent an amazing five years here.

I finally visited Mount Saint Helens this weekend, a trip I have been meaning to take for years. I promised myself I would run there before leaving the area, so I ran my 5k yesterday evening – 23:45 (7:40/mile). I am going to break through that 23 minute mark someday (hopefully soon – it continues to tease me!).

I never even saw the mountain this weekend, though – the clouds/fog/rain completely obscured any possibility of a view. Ahhh, western Washington June weather. Who can complain when so much is right, though? I suppose that is just all the more reason to return someday.