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Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon – December 5, 20100

Posted by jodi in Training Diary (Sunday October 3, 2010 at 6:48 pm)

I have formally registered for the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon for December, and training is well underway (though I have been negligent of updating my blog to show any progress). After a pleasing experience in the Seattle Rock N Roll half-marathon in June, I decided to go for the full deal, and this time without over-training, but actually remaining motivated until race day. So far, so good. Today was an 11 mile run, and I managed an 8:26/mi average pace. I am now in Charlotte, NC, so training here has been different than the experience in Seattle, although I’m pleased to find more hills here than I was expecting. Perhaps it’s just my part of town, and they still aren’t as mean as those in Seattle, but the slopes are welcome on longer runs.

I am also running and fundraising simultaneously this time. I’ve never run for a charitable cause previously, so it’s an added motivation. My personal fundraising site is here.

My lofty goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and I managed to keep up the pace through 11 miles today (and through 13.1 miles back in June), but that is still a very, very long way from maintaining that pace for 26.2 miles. I have some hope, but will honestly be very pleased if I can beat four hours. Anything is possible, though – even a marathon without injuries!

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