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A P.R. in the Las Vegas Marathon – 20100

Posted by jodi in Uncategorized (Sunday February 6, 2011 at 1:22 pm)

It is difficult to believe that the marathon was two months ago and I am just now posting about the experience. I suppose things are delayed when two small children enter life. Open-mouthed smile

Evan, our good friend Matt, and I all participated in the Las Vegas race – Evan and Matt in the half, and my first full marathon in eight and a half years. The first half was terrific – I felt great, views of the Vegas Strip kept the mind occupied, and while I had thought the goal of qualifying for Boston was lofty at best when entering, during the first half of the race it felt very possible. The second half was run away from the main Strip, around warehouses, strip malls, and feeder highways with little to no crowd support. I hung in there until about mile 22, but then the final four miles felt like the longest I had ever endured. Coping mechanisms included removing my shoes for half of a mile to allow my feet to swell more comfortably, hobbling because I was unable to bend legs at the hips as all of my proximal flexors seemed to be in tetany at once… really difficult finish. Qualifying for Boston for a woman my age is 3 hours 40 minutes, and as I saw the 3:40 pacer pass me at mile 23, I knew I was not going to be able to make it. BUT – my previous P.R. eight years earlier was 4 hours 16 minutes 29 seconds, and when I crossed the finish line, I was well within PR range at 3 hours 52 minutes 26 seconds. I was very proud! And I was so proud of Evan and Matt for finishing their first half-marathon with smiles on their faces.

  • Splits were as follows:
    – 5k – 25:44
    – 10k – 50:41
    – 10 miles – 1:21:27
    – 13.8 miles – 1:54:49 (my split at the half-marathon mark was 1:46:50, a half-marathon PR, if that counts!)
    – 16.8 miles – 2:20:53
    – 20 miles – 2:47:06
    – 24 miles – 3:27:35
    – Overall 26.2 miles – 3:52:26 (8:52/mile pace)
  • We’ll see if I have another one in me – I swore I would never do this again, but this was after I had already entered my name in the lottery for the NYC Marathon this fall.

    In the meantime, I’ve discovered how much I really enjoy the half-marathon distance, and how it might be fun to push ahead with achieving better times in the race. Plus, the training runs are not as grueling.

  • This was a special race too, because for the first time I used the event to raise money for a great non-profit – Foundation Fighting Blindness. This organization supports research on degenerative retinal conditions, such as retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt’s disease, and X-linked retinoschisis. Many thanks to those of you who donated. My page is still up, if anyone else wants to contribute.

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