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A fitness routine2

Posted by jodi in Cross Training (Wednesday February 7, 2007 at 7:38 pm)

Wow, so it’s been awhile since a running blog post. Yikes! I have been quite devout in keeping my Residential Space blog, but seem to have slacked on this front. It does not mean that exciting things have not been occurring, though!

As I announced on my other blog, we are expecting a little one in July 2007, which means many positive changes are coming my way. I found out quickly that it also meant running was going to present a problem. I had always pictured myself running 3-5 miles daily until my delivery date, but when I tried to run at 10 weeks – let’s just say broad ligaments had other ideas. It’s great, though, because the pregnancy has motivated Evan and I to set definitive exercise times together three mornings a week. We have both been swamped at work lately, but on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings at 6AM, we are in the fitness room, me on the elliptical trainer, and Evan on the treadmill running. I watch him sometimes, feeling envious that he is running as the elliptical is not as exciting. It’s okay, though – soon enough.

We have also been skiing again this winter, both at Summit (45 minutes east of Seattle), and at Whistler, British Columbia (the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics). I had a week of vacation in mid-January, and we enjoyed three days on the slopes there. The gondola rides were tremendous – 25 minutes long, with extended ski times prior to having to take a lift/gondola again. There were no lines, and our condo was adjacent to the loading zone for the gondola, so it was a two minute walk to the slopes each day. I stuck mostly to greens for fear of falling in my current state, but it was a wonderful trip all the same.

Finally, it appears we have accumulated hundreds of dollars of REI points this year, between in-store purchases and the REI Visa, and we plan on using them to purchase the super-nifty baby jogger that I have promised myself for year. I used to see people running 5ks while pushing their infants/toddlers, and I have to think many of those kids grow up to be the enthusiastic seven year old runners that pass me on hills. Well-spent REI points, I think.

So I’m still here, just in a slightly different phase of life, but still kicking!

Ski season is coming to an end0

Posted by jodi in Cross Training (Sunday March 19, 2006 at 9:28 am)

On Monday I went skiing with Tim, my brother, who traveled from Texas to Seattle for a few days of winter sports mixed in with a quick tour of my new city. We had a fantastic day, leaving me completely exhausted that night. I also managed to acquire quite a sunburn given the 10/10 visibility, but well worth a good day on skis. I found myself willing to let go of some of my fears Рof heights, falling, etc Рin order to gain that invigorating speed on shorter downhill stretches.

On Tuesday night, Tim said, “So I’m ready to try snowboarding tomorrow.” I did a double take, did not believe him, and the next thing I knew – I had a snowboard strapped to my left foot on Wednesday morning. It is one of the most painful athletic experiences I have endured. At one point I fell flat on my chest, and the headache that followed was unpleasant. I was also left with several bruises and extreme arm (from picking myself up continuously) and groin (from the board sliding through the line, hooked to my left foot while my right foot hopped along, struggling to keep up) soreness the following day. However, I likely got a good core body workout as my arms must have gained something from lifting my 132-lb structure from the ground at least thirty times in two hours.

Finally, Evan and I returned for a day of skiing yesterday, and ended up leaving early, partially because the snow had gotten so slushy. It was difficult to gain much speed as half of the time I felt like I was wading through thick watery slush in order to reach my destination. It is sweet sorrow – we had a wonderful ski season that now must come to a close. Evan is sorry to see winter leave, but I look forward to spring.

A bit of cross-training…0

Posted by jodi in Cross Training (Monday January 23, 2006 at 8:34 pm)

Evan and I exercised together not once, but TWICE, this past weekend. We spent the entire day on Saturday at Summit West, skiing from about 10AM until nearly 5 in the evening. It was an excellent time – so invigorating and refreshing. This is the first intense workout I have gotten from skiing. We challenged ourselves with more intermediate trails containing steeper slopes, and rather than sticking to only safe wide-turns, we made multiple attempts (some of which were quite successful!) at parallel skiing. With parallel skiing came much faster speeds, which meant greater muscle strength was required to maintain form and control. I was really feeling it in my quads. The day was gorgeous too!

On Sunday we got up early and walked the trail around Green Lake, finding the house we want to buy someday, if only it would go on the market… Again, a gorgeous day, which ended in a victory for the Seattle Seahawks – on our way to the Super Bowl!

This evening I engaged in a three-mile treadmill run along with some crunches and weight training. It feels wonderful to feel fit this week.