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A Personal Best in the Seattle Rock N Roll Half-Marathon1

Posted by jodi in Races (Monday June 28, 2010 at 8:28 pm)

After a five and a half year hiatus from any sort of race with the word “marathon” in the title, I completed Seattle’s second annual Rock N Roll half-marathon this past Saturday. Overall, it was a terrific experience! The course was such an appropriate tribute to the many times I have run in Seattle during my time here; while I have never begun as far south as Tukwila, I have spent many hours along Lake Washington’s western shore near Seward Park. As I ran this stretch, I savored the water, beautiful homes, overcast sky, and realized how much I truly am going to miss Seattle once I have moved. I also must have returned high-fives from at least 100 members of a very supportive crowd!

Evan even noticed that my running experience was captured on the KIRO-7 news – I am the runner over the reporter’s right shoulder (wearing a yellow top and dark pants).


This was about 11.5 miles into the race, when some nasty acid reflux had taken hold of me. 🙁 Lesson learned: no more carbohydrate gel packets in the middle of races for me. It definitely hurt my final two miles, but I cannot complain too much – the full experience, only nine months after having a baby, was an exhilarating one!

Perhaps the best part of all was cutting nearly three and a half minutes off of my previous personal best for this distance. In 2002, while in the midst of training for Grandma’s Marathon, a friend and I ran the Charlotte South End Half-Marathon in 1:53:20. Here were the splits for the race this past weekend:

  • – 8:27, 8:02, 8:18, 7:51, 8:37, 7:34, 7:48, 8:02, 8:17, 8:30, 8:22, 8:29, 9:50 (wasn’t feeling too great during that last mile) + 0.1 miles; total – 1:49:57 (8:26/mile)
    – 5k: 25:47; 10k: 51:08
  • Now it’s time to plan for the next race to keep up the motivation. I’m feeling so much more committed to this than I have previously. I like the way I feel right now – running rocks!

Continuing Toward A Half-Marathon0

Posted by jodi in Races,Training Diary (Sunday May 16, 2010 at 8:34 pm)

The Seattle Rock N Roll half-marathon looms on the horizon for Saturday, June 26th. I am excitedly anticipating the event, but know there is still a long way to go for me to comfortably run 13.1 miles. This week was terrific for training. I’m still facing the challenges of only really being able to run early in the morning (as in, finishing the run and the shower that ensues by 7AM when the kids wake up), although I broke down this week and ran my “long run” on a treadmill on Friday night after the kids were down for the evening.

I also participated in the Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes 8k run this morning, my first organized road race since October 2008. I definitely felt the burn during the last mile and a half or so, but it was such an incredible feeling to cross the finish line on the field of Husky Stadium in Seattle’s University District. Such a great cause too – as of 9AM over $1 million had been raised for juvenile diabetes research. Many enthusiastic teams of walkers and runners participated to raise money in honor of loved ones afflicted with the disease. I excitedly achieved what I thought was a far-fetched goal (but turned out to be achievable) – to average less than 8:00/mile. Overall time was 39:00, giving me a 7:51/mile pace. Yay!!

But focusing on this week’s mileage:

5/9/2010: 7 miles outdoors (9:19/mile)
5/12/2010: 4 miles on treadmill (8:16/mile)
5/14/2010: 8 miles on treadmill (8:57/mile)

Total for week: 19 miles

I’m only managing about 3-4 times/week with everything else going on, but things are feeling great! I’m looking forward to June 26th and the half-marathon that awaits.

I did it! A Personal Best 10k0

Posted by jodi in Races (Sunday October 5, 2008 at 9:07 pm)

I indicated in this post a desire to finally beat the 50 minute mark for the 10k race. I have not been desperately training for years trying to meet this goal, but it has always been a milestone I hoped I could achieve. Today, I did it! I turn 30 in a week, so I was able to do it before the big birthday. 🙂

Evan, Gabriel, and I took part in Issaquah, WA’s Salmon Days 10k Rotary Run this morning, all with positive experiences. Evan pushed Little G in the Bob Revolution stroller in the 5k so that I could go for a PR in the 10k. The weather was ideal – 50’s and sunny. I had my Garmin Forerunner to measure my statistics – and most importantly – to pace me. I decided to aim for 8:00/mile, but not to push myself to the point of exhaustion or pain early in the race. I was concerned about finishing, because I’ve only run twice in the past two weeks (the training has fallen off a bit from the busy schedule), so the distance was a bit intimidating, but I thought shooting for eight minute miles and keeping a steady, comfortable pace might enable me to finish the full 6.2 miles.


Gun Time: 49:17 (chip time was 49:05)
Mile 1: 8:12
Mile 2: 8:09
Mile 3: 8:03
(5k: 25:15)
Mile 4: 7:47
Mile 5: 7:39
Mile 6: 7:43
0.2 Miles: 1:44

Then, onto a great family day after the race. 🙂 I think we’re all taking tomorrow off (from working out, not from working…).

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